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rather be someones shot of whisky, than everyones cup of tea.

Today served as an important reminder that when things aren’t working you just have to fight harder for what you want. If nothing else, that my dear is something I’m entirely grateful to have been told.

I’m being reminded a greater deal more today than usual of my travels. They have a way of sneaking up, while i’m utterly unprepared. The things I would do to go back to eating cereal on the couch with my roommate mocking Made In Chelsea, to walking through the Dutch Christmas markets, to the feeling of the crisp Berlin air or even to the sounds of nothing but foreign language. 

There is nothing I would urge anyone to do more. Endure the months of hard saving, of deprived social lives and see the world. My grandmother reminded me yesterday that memories may be all that remain, but they’re yours for a lifetime. People can take a multitude of things from us, but never those. Hold on tight. 

København 👌